Presidents Message

Dear Lehigh Valley Dental Society Members,

Not long ago, I had dinner with a colleague and our conversation turned to the giving nature of our profession. We all want the best for our patients, and we will go to lengths to make sure we can deliver it to them. Dentistry is often portrayed unfairly as a profession of greed and deceit, but I feel confident there isn’t a single dentist reading this that hasn’t done at least some amount of pro bono work in their office this year, whether it be a complete smile makeover or a simple denture adjustment for someone who can’t afford regular dental care. Our services don’t come cheap, and the sacrifices we’ve all made to be where we are should justify the value of our time and efforts. Nevertheless, I know that many dental professionals are always looking for ways to give back to our patients, our friends, and our communities at large.

As fate would have it, I was put in touch with a dentist named Dr. David Abramowitz several months ago. Dr. David is the Mission Director of a global outreach program based in several small communities on the outskirts of Mbale, Uganda. He and fellow volunteers take multiple trips every year to provide dental care to villagers in need, mostly children. Over the last 6 years, his organization has gained momentum and reputation, and he has his sights set on doing even more in the years to come. That is why the LVDS has invited him to come and speak at our next general meeting in November.

Many dentists in the Lehigh Valley have participated in the yearly MOM-N-PA event, often more than once or twice. I don’t need to tell you all that providing dental care to people who desperately need it can be more rewarding than completing that high-profile case in your office. Generosity is a great way to cleanse the soul, and Dr. David’s program offers another way for us to help. I strongly urge you to come to the November meeting (at our new venue!) and hear about this incredible program.

Maybe you have no intention of booking a flight to Uganda next year (even if it would probably be an amazing experience), maybe you don’t want to donate to this great cause (though I hope you consider it), but spending a little time learning about what our colleagues are doing to help in the communities that need it the most could provide the spark of inspiration you need to get ready for 2020. Invite your dental team, your family, your friends, other dentists and physicians you have relationships with, and anyone else you think might be interested. Let’s ring in the Holiday Season together in the spirit of giving.


Dr. Jose Gil