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The Lehigh Valley Dental Society wishes you all a very Happy Holiday and New Year!
See you in 2018!

The purpose of the Lehigh Valley Dental Society as an adjunct to the American Dental Association and the Pennsylvania Dental Association, shall be to serve the public, improve their health, promote the art and science of dentistry and represent the interests of the profession, and the people we serve, its members.

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Presidents Message

Dear LVDS Members,

I believe that dentists are, by and large, frugal individuals, with some exceptions. I also believe that we have been paying too much for dental supplies. Let me tell you about a way that PDA members can start to save money on their dental supplies. Starting this August 1st, a program called PDA Perk Supplies goes live. PDA Perks Supplies will offer products directly from manufacturers or authorized distributors, no gray market, expired or counterfeit items. PDA Perks Supplies vendors must sell products pursuant to manufacturer guidelines. Vendors will ship exactly what a dentist orders—no alternative brands. All PDA Perks Supplies vendors offer FREE ground shipping on any order, regardless of size, with an average of 19% savings. You as PDA Members will be able to order through a customized website or via email, phone or fax. Your ADA membership number will be required for the transaction. For more information or to order, go to www.pdais.com/vendors. I suggest giving it a try, unless you really feel like paying more than necessary for dental supplies. If you like the savings you are receiving, spread the word and tell another member about it, or better yet, tell a non-member too so they can see the benefits of joining the PDA.

On another note, I’d like to remind everyone about our September 19th, LVDS General Membership Meeting, which will be held at the Best Western Conference Center in Bethlehem. There will be a one- hour presentation on OSHA which is yearly requirement for your staff as well as a cocktail reception and dinner. Please visit Lehigh Valley Dental Society’s website at www.lvdental.org to see full details and to register. This is a great opportunity to provide the required training for your staff. Hope to see you there!

Dr. Gary Peters
President, LVDS